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Staff from organizations which are not affiliated to CFK, i.e. institutions which do not have CFK computer labs or are not training institutions at all, are also eligible for these Staff Training Workshops. Management of these organizations may Contact CFK and arrange for a meeting and comprehensive study of the type of organization it is and their major line of operation, this is to enable facilitators prepare a program package which will best fit and suit the ICT needs of that organization. If the organization does not Computers, CFK may also procure the Computer equipment and facility during the facilitation of that workshop. the organization or members of staff, may opt to purchase the equipment on very low rates and on hire-purchase agreement without interest. Staff of the respective institution may opt to attend the workshop at one of our Professional Training Centers most convenient to them. Please download our Course Listing and Pricing for pricing information

About Us

Crescent Future Kids is a Zambian organization providing computer literacy services to primary, secondary and institutions of higher learning. CFK has entered into an agreement with the Government Republic of Zambia, under the Ministry of Agriculture & Cooperatives, Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health, to set up and facilitate computer laboratories in their respective learning institutions country wide. This shall be done at NO cost to the institutions; nevertheless the clients (students & pupils) of that institution will contribute a minimal user fee to sustain the computer lab .

Crescent Future Kids was registered in Zambia on 4th June 2003, with a primary objective of enhancing computer literacy in Zambia. Its main aim is to promote child computer literacy from as young as five years old by setting up computer laboratories in schools at NO cost to the School.

The targeted participants in this program are school going children from the age of five years up-to the level of graduating college students. The program runs on a contributory system, i.e. participants or users of each particular institution contribute a minimal user fee to enable it meet the necessary costs of repairs and maintenance of the computer lab.

Student Training Program
Student Training Program
At every institution CFK sets up a Computer Laboratory, the students of that institution are entitled to a comprehensive Training in ICT through out their period of study at that institution, or as may be agreed upon with the management of that institution. The ICT course stands out as a component in their Transcripts, and with time, in their Certification at any level. please download our Course Outline here

Community Training Programmes
CFK also provides training for community members in each respective computer laboratory. Members of the surrounding community of each lab are therefore not an exception to acquiring professional training and certification from CFK. CFK offers mainly four types of training packages for the community